Melissa’s November Insights

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Faculty Attitudes on Technology

College and university leaders are continuously faced with decisions related to technology. Which tools are the most effective? How do they affect the quality of online teaching and  learning? A new study seeks input on these and other questions from faculty members.

Inside Higher Ed (IHE) and Gallup
2016 Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology – This new study provides a look at how faculty members view a wide range of technologies for teaching and learning. Topics covered include cybersecurity, open access journals, online education, textbooks, social media, and more.
 This is the fifth year for Inside Higher Ed’s survey of college faculty members focused on technology. The latest report was released on October 24th.
You can download the report online.
College budgets are limited, so leaders need to make the most of the tools available and invest in technology resources that will make a positive impact. Faculty members are on the front lines in both campus-based and online courses. Their feedback in this study helps to shape future learning environments.
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IHE’s free webinar will provide a detailed analysis of the study on November 29th

Conference Updates

WCET Annual Meeting

  • Location
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Date
    October 12-14, 2016
  • Hashtag

This annual meeting of the WCET (WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies) focuses on “practice, policy, and advocacy of technology-enhanced learning in higher education.” The program features a keynote presentation from Jaime Casap, Google’s Education Evangelist, as well as a host of sessions on topics ranging from open educational resources and adaptive learning to state authorization and social media.

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EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

  • Location
    Anaheim, CA
  • Date
    October 25-28, 2016
  • Hashtag

This conference has been appropriately described as “massive” with more than 7,000 attendees and 275 exhibitors. The audience includes information technology professionals, faculty members, and instructional designers who are interested in innovative technology, learning analytics, improving the student experience, and more. EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association for IT professionals working at colleges and universities.

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Don’t Miss Dates!

  • November 7-11

    National Distance Learning Week

    The U.S. Distance Learning Association (USDLA) organizes this week long celebration of distance learning that takes place at all levels of education, in business and industry, and the military. Check USDLA’s calendar of events for a list of free webinars. Many colleges and universities also sponsor events and showcase their online programs during this week.

  • November 17

    National Take a Hike Day

    One of the challenges of working and learning online is the sedentary lifestyle that comes from spending too much time at the computer. Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Take a break on Thursday, November 17th and get outside for a hike in the Fall weather. The American Hiking Association encourages us to share pictures of our hikes on social media – #takeahike, #nationalhikeday.

  • November 1-30

    National Career Development Month

    The National Career Development Association sponsors this annual celebration with career-related activities. Contact your school’s Career Center to find out about special webinars and other awareness events. Consider setting up an appointment with a counselor for a career development check-up, to get on track with your career goals.

Academic Deadlines

MidTerm Exams and Grades: If you are enrolled in online courses on a traditional semester schedule (i.e., 15-16 weeks), your Fall term is in full swing. Look ahead through the remainder of your course to make sure you understand the expectations and timelines related to completion. If your courses are on a more accelerated schedule (e.g., 8- or 10-weeks) it’s even more important to make time for a progress review and plan for the future.

Spring Registration: it may seem too soon to worry about next semester, but … the holidays are right around the corner and January is closer than you think. Take some time now to review your degree plan and make sure you are ready to register for spring classes. Spring course schedules and active registration will be open soon at your school if they aren’t already!